License Reinstatement

West Virginia law requires all licensees to renew every two years. If you fail to renew either an individual funeral practitioner license or a facility's license, you must apply for reinstatement prior to practicing or operating a funeral or crematory business.

§6-1-19.5 and §6-2-22.5 of the Code of State Rules clearly outlines the requirements for reinstatement. The total process is dependent on how long the license has been lapsed. It is much easier to reinstate if done within one calendar year from the date the license lapsed. It can be much more difficult if one waits longer than one year. The applications below include information on penalties and reinstatement fees based on these time frames.

Funeral service licensees, in particular, may have difficulty reinstating after one year because there is a law examination requirement that must be fulfilled as well. This examination is difficult and failure to pass will result in the denial of the reinstatement application.

License Reinstatement Applications

Reinstatement application for individual licensees (including funeral directors, apprentices, courtesy card holders, crematory operators)


Reinstatement application for facility licenses (including funeral home and crematory)


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